Company Information

Project Voyeur is owned and operated by SharpeDezine BV, a company registered in The Netherlands with company number (KvK) 01116893. Feel free to contact us should you need any more information.

About Project Voyeur

The "Project" started in the summer of 1999 as a means for adults to upload their own racy pictures and videos to share with other like minded adults. Project Voyeur gained notoriety in the early days for it's voyeur section which featured true voyeur content. Things like videos shot with hidden cams in motel room ceiling fans, clocks, shoecams, hidden cams in toilets, telephoto lenses through neighbors windows - this was the norm.

With the ever changing landscape of the law and our desire to not be anyone's prison bitch, we scaled back on the real voyeur content in 2003-2004. We still however, to this day, stay true to our amateur beginnings.

There's More ...

We've enjoyed bringing you PV over the years, with each section updated 6 days a week, but we wanted to give you more. Since early 2009 we have been actively adding features to help make Project Voyeur your social playground. We have a lot of planned upgrades and features but as always, we're always open to hearing from you about your suggestions and feedback.

Our User Commitment

We're committed to this site and our user base. Whether you're a free subscriber or a paid subscriber we'll provide you with exemplary customer service - unless you've been banned for being a dick. After 15+ years our treshold for dicks is very low; bordering on intolerance.